In July of 2014, I lost my dad. As days, months, and years had gone by, I struggled with the thought of 'what matters?' This place we call life, matters, but the place where my dad is matters more. Tormented with thoughts of here vs there, I eventually came to a premise. I began to feel that while here, I want to be involved in something that matters. But what? I wondered endlessly. Then, in April of 2017 I lost one of my closest life long friends. Devastated, it added to the torment. However, in the awakening of the awful happening, I reunited with another life long friend that it had been just way too long that our friendship was on hold. In the discussing of how to honor our passed friend, we planned on having a party in his memory. It was actually the wish of his will. My reunited buddy suggested we make it in the theme of a fundraiser. Excited by the idea, I was immediately in agreement, and I questioned, "Why stop here? Why not keep it going? Let's create a charity organization, one that chooses causes and individuals we are passionate about, and then host events that raise support for both?" My buddy answered, "I've been thinking the same thing for a long time, I even have a name for it.. We can call it, Silent Knightss."

"Providing Charitable Support That Matters."

... Message from the C.O.O.

Silent Knightss is a charity organization created to provide charitable support in any way we can. Whether it's to support a local individual / group in need, or a particular cause that brings great passion, we want to accomplish something that will matter. We strive to be charitable knights that provide support where needed. We are a good deed group, looking to step in where we may be needed. Silent Knightss is a Nonprofit Corporation & a 501(c)(3) Certified Tax Exempt Charity. We are supported by volunteers as well as experienced charity professionals who act in advisory roles. We are an army of 'silent' 'knights'. 'Silent' when it comes to any quests for praise, and 'Knights' when it comes to serving any noble cause. We use an extra S in knightss to emphasize plurality. A Silent Knight is never alone, whether receiving help or providing help, we stand together!