On October 20th, 2017 we had our first annual Morris Hills Memorial Alumni Reunion. This was also our very first Silent Knightss' event. Inspired by the story of Ray Irvine, Morris Hills class of '83, we created this event to be about celebrating life. Celebrating with those who are with us, while remembering those who we have lost.  

After 3 consecutive successfull events, we were stonewalled by the 2020 Pandemic. Taking this time to reflect on how we could evolve moving forward, we decided to expand beyond the limits of a high school reunion and grow this event with the Silent Knightss overall mission in mind. Extending our passion so to reach more guests and increase charitable support, we open our doors to anyone and everyone. If you yearn to reunite with friends and family, you are welcome to this event; The World's Greatest House Party!  Please send anyone you know to this site, and remind them that life is too short so make it matter. Don't use that as a punch line, mean it, and come to this event.

Net proceeds of this event go to the support of the Silent Knightss mission and many causes

House Party Event
inspired by Ray Irvine

This event reminds us of the people closest to us. Whether they are with us or not; a best friend, wife, husband, brother, sister, mother, father, etc., we are reminded of home. This event is about coming home and gathering to have fun with friends and family. It's about committing to a once a year get together with the ones we love to be with, but don't see often enough