Silent Knightss Nonprofit Corporation was established in June of 2017, and its 501(c)(3) Approval came in July of 2017. In initial efforts, we were advised that the process would take 9 months and an estimated $2,000. Driven by emotion and passion, Silent Knightss was founded on a self funded $700.00 and it took 4 months. We are proud to now celebrate each year's anniversary, and will always do it Silent Knightss style! Have fun, make the moment count, and do so while providing a charitable result!

The Silent Knightss inaugural event was a Morris Hills Memorial Alumni Reunion.  Proceeds from the event created a $4,000 scholarship awarded to a Morris Hills 2018 senior. The scholarship application results were emotionally staggering, and the decision making process was crushingly difficult. We picked one, but all the applications from teenagers experiencing early loss jaw dropped our expectations. Inspired by the applications received and their commonality with our first event's story, proceeds of this event will always be dedicating to a cause that has hit our hearts and souls: Families affected by the early loss of a parent or child (more scholarships, orphan support, families of shootings, addiction, tragedy, disease and more) 


$1,000 of SUPPORT


Our event turn out was modest, but our results were bold. We supported our local Vets by renting out our home town's Legion Hall.  We had a DJ, casual food, soft drinks, low cost cash bar and a great door prize raffle of prizes worth $100 and up.  We met brand new supporters along with our regular Knightss, and our 50/50 winner won over $500! We raised enough money to invest into Merchandise, pay for all expenses, and provide $1,000 in support! 

$500 went to early loss: as we always disclose, early loss is not handled the same by every family, so we move carefully and compassionately. Privacy and timing is important with this sensitive matter. We have found a variety of ways to support those affected, and are part of our over all charitable results


$500 went to William Gomez: as our scholarship runner up. William's story of family, friends and desire to continue his education was a stand out. William is seeking a career in the music business.



Year two in operation