One Year Anniversary Event

We had a reason and an inspiration. One full year in operation! We wanted to promote our milestone accomplishment and spread our message. So, we had an anniversary party! 

Special thanks to the Morris Hills class of 1978! They wanted to be part of our worthwhile cause! Inspired by our story, we coordinated their 40th reunion with the Silent Knightss Anniversary party for one big celebration.  

Our event provided $2,250.00 in charitable support. $1,000 went to additional scholarships in the name of the Morris Hills class of 1978, and $1,250 went to families affected by the early loss of a parent or child 



You'll need 10 minutes


SARAH BILZA: Is from White Meadow Lake NJ, and is a 2018 Morris Hills graduate. Sarah was awarded a runner-up scholarship of $500.00 for County College of Morris. She is pursuing an education in Art, and her essay to win was a heartfelt story about times spent with her late father watching old classic cartoons together. It was these special nights that has inspired Sarah to specialize in visual art, specifically animation.  We are thrilled to help support such an awesome young lady.

LUISA PINEDA: Is from Wharton NJ, and is a 2018 Morris Hills graduate. Luisa is our other scholarship runner-up, and she was awarded a new laptop. She is perusing an education in biology & health. Luisa's won with her opened hearted story of self evaluation. By sharing her humbling experience of economic changes and the loss of her uncle, Luisa has proven to be a truly special person. We are honored to be a part of her new journey


The Silent Knightss inaugural event was a Morris Hills Memorial Alumni Reunion. Proceeds from the event created a $4,000 scholarship awarded to a Morris Hills 2018 senior. Through this anniversary event, and because of our collaboration with the MH Class of '78, we were able to raise more scholarship dollars for 2 runner-ups.

Early loss is not handled the same by every family, so we move carefully and compassionately. Privacy and timing is important with this sensitive matter. We have found a variety of ways to support those affected, and are part of our charitable results