Silent Knightss

what we do

"We work at making a difference, one person at a time."

  • We seek out a cause and/or a larger charity organization that we are passionate about contributing to.
  • We seek out an individual / group affected by the chosen cause or larger charity, and honor them
  • Our events provide support to the cause, charity and individual / group we choose to feature.
  • Our events are themed around life events (Anniversary, Reunion, Retirement, Holidays, Birthday, etc.)
  • Our events are a celebration of life where we enjoy those who are here, while remembering those who are not. We want you to have fun, make the moment count, and do so while providing a charitable result!



Silent Knightss was inspired from the experience that comes with losing a loved one. Saying "life is too short," is not enough. We want to mean it. Our motivation is to take life and make it matter. Life is just a series of moments, and we work to make moments count. We want to accomplish things, whether big or small, that make a difference in someone's life. Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."